My Name Is Susie and I’m a Comma Addict!

I have just finished revising and attempting to re-edit my first book, Sweet Melissa: Ignorance is not Bliss.  I have added some dialogue and descriptive words to show my emotion at the time. I had to use the Thesaurus (a lot) and I do hope I chose the correct words, but if I didn’t, you know what? I tried!  That’s all I can do and learn by my mistakes and make the best of things.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get it right.  I am drug-free, and doing something I have always wanted to do,but feared to do so because of rejection or ridicule. I wrote my story and exposed my life because I believe it can help someone.  If I can do it, so can you! I take constructive criticism and learn from it.  I try my best to apply what other’s have pointed out and what they have found to be lacking or missing completely.  There has been one thing that has indeed been consistent though, and that is my penchant for sticking commas where they don’t belong and overusing them to the point of “Where is my eraser!”  Well, I use them to pause the flow of the sentence, or just because my fingers intermittently hit to the comma key like a reflex. I confess, I am a comma addict but it beats heroin!  I don’t wake up sick anymore and it’s not because I don’t have a comma sitting on the nightstand waiting me me in the morning.

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