Book 6 is “The One” Nov. 1, 2017

I always learn things the hard way and writing is no different.  I should have never put the other books of my series out so quickly but my impatient nature and my compulsive urge to “Go, Go, Go!” made me do it!  I have learned a lot through my other five books and I believe that number six will be “The One.”  The dangerous triggers have been omitted.  Book six will not only be exciting but it will give hope to anyone that reads it.  My dream is to inspire others that anything is possible.  People can and do change no matter what life, has either tossed at you or what you have welcomed with open arms.  It could possibly be the first book of the series instead of the last.  I recommend reading book six and sharing it with everyone you know, then if you want to know how I ended up where I did (read the book to find out!) and how it all began, read the first five.  I will be revising the others and putting everything I have learned so far into place.  I hope you have enjoyed my story so far and if you are new, welcome to my world!  This is not the end.  This is just a small piece of what I am. LOVE-PEACE-HAPPINESS-STRENGTH-susie